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Featuring 10 Local Artists

10 ECO Art Experiences– Sustainability × Art × Charity Walkathon

“ECO ART WALK 2024” is a curation of a collective exhibition scattered across Central- Western District featuring 10 local artists. No matter if you’re a cultural enthusiast, a music aficionado, a pet owner, or an advocate for sustainability, “ECO ART WALK” is your perfect weekend activity to relax with a fund-raising city stroll and immerse yourself in a therapeutic art journey for the mind and body!

10x local artists

周小某 Siumou Chow
Siumou Chow graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art(Major ceramics) co-organised by HKAS and RMIT. Her art career then focused on making and promoting indie comic zine in Hong Kong by founding YunHyun. Her styles in ceramics and comics interfere in both ways, She is recently studying the connection between Guangcai and comics.
黎曉蓉 Eunice Lai
Fascinated by the power of imagination and freedom, the works of Eunice Lai often engaged in the creation and exploration of her own mystical world which one may not encounter in reality. Stories happen in the forms include but are not limited to comics, story-telling, illustrations, oil paintings and maybe soon animation. Through exploring the possibilities in another world, she finds inspiration to respond to herself and to reality. Lai received her BA(Hons) in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University and studied in Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna as an exchange student. Life to her is an experience and in that, she is always inspired to forage and create.
含蓄 Humchuk
The illustration on the glass window depicts different animals living harmoniously, expressing the importance of coexistence between humans and animals. Through various nodes and characters in the illustration, it highlights concerns about different animal protection issues, such as the wild boar problem, the population of stray cats, conservation of wild birds, and the environment for pets. I believe that achieving sustainable living in Hong Kong requires mutual understanding and inclusiveness among all parties.
蕭文潔 Kate Siu
Kate Siu (HK) received her BFA from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2019. Prior to that she studied under ceramics mentor Shibata Setsuro in Japan from 2015. She has exhibited in Belgium at Ceramic Art Ardenne, as well as in Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong.
蘇嘉慧 So Ka Wai
So Ka Wai (b.1992.HK),her works are mostly installation and illustration. Textile and natural material are the main material she uses in works. She is interested in the relationship between the human and different culture phenomena. Every work of hers have a strong narrative or personal habit behind which shows how she observes the world and how to live inside.
Gaby Teresa
Gaby Teresa is an illustrator and designer from Jakarta, Indonesia, now based in Hong Kong. Her interest in the illustration world started with a passion to entertain and make an impact on people, and she knows how to do it best through visual arts. She is versatile and enjoys working with different media including digital and analog. Her main body of work is lighthearted, cute, and colorful illustrations. Sometimes her illustrations are spiced up with animation. She always hopes to make someone’s day when they see her work. Apart from being a passionate illustrator, she also has multiple work experiences as a graphic designer in international marketing.
三火 Threefire
Threefire is an illustrator and animator. Creation is her way to connect with the world. She uses words, pictures, and photography to explore loneliness, love, and romance. She believes that when you connect with yourself, you connect with the world, you will find beauty in life, and feel love.
Hong Kong-based Brazilian artist JUM graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong) in 2020 with a B.F.A. in illustration and a minor in photography. JUM works with multimedia and digital mediums to create colourful psychedelic visuals that resonate between real life and imagination. Her subject matters range from portraits, fantastical gardens, surrealist landscapes, abstract shape, to line drawings. JUM has worked in digital illustrations, painted murals, 2D animations and most recently, weaving. Her works are near lingual and highly autobiographical, each piece tells the story of a personal dream or journey of self-expression. In her own words: “ The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ always made a lot of sense to me - maybe because I always had an imagination that I sometimes found hard to understand, so the act of creating something was the best way I found to express myself”. Her work is always about making it visual the things that can’t be seen. For JUM, the fluidity and flexibility in art is the most important ingredient to keep producing work that is relevant and truthful not only to herself but also to the world. This fluidity extends to her artistic career, as she continues to experiment with different mediums and techniques, her practice will also grow and evolve alongside.
青花工作室 Seika Studio
The Japanese word "せいか" or "seika", which literally means "blue flower", is referring to the traditional "blue and white porcelain" ("青花瓷" in Chinese) originated from the Tang Dynasty of China. We have a great admiration to this refined and elegant antique and we would like to translate this aesthetic concept in our own works. Seika Studio is trying to create works in various forms and mediums: fabrics, papers, plastics, concrete, or anything that comes into our mind.


10 ECO Art Stores × 10 Artists × 10 Unique Experiences

One step towards a more sustainable future.

“ECO ART WALK 2024” is Hong Kong’s first and only fundraising walkathon where the realms of artistry and sustainability intertwine. It is a mindful space encouraging dialogues and strengthening the connection between people and our city, but also exchange between various communities- artists, small businesses and the public.

Through artistic means, the event would cultivate circularity practices among our people, leaving behind a legacy of responsible consumption. This event isn’t just a celebration of creativity hailed locally; it is also an opportunity to contribute to our society and support those in need. Join us on this artistic journey to support animal rights, address local food waste issues, and uplift local arts and creatives.

Hidden gems eco art walk
Feeding Hong Kong eco art walk


Join us on a day of city stroll to fund-raise and support animal rights, address local food waste issues, and uplift local arts and creatives.

Event profits will be partially donated to Hong Kong Dog Rescue, Feeding Hong Kong, and The Fringe Club. We invite everyone to join the effort in protecting our environment and animals, supporting local arts, and indulge in the stories of local small and medium enterprises. Together, let’s build a culturally diverse and sustainable future. Join us in making a difference!

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